Frequently asked questions

Why should I get a professional videographer and photographer?

If you are considering a friend or relative, or even when considering a professional, to record your wedding ask these questions: How many weddings have they actually filmed and do they have recent samples that I can see? Do they have professional, high end 3chip, or broadcast quality equipment? Do they have sufficient backups in case of an emergency or technical issue? Do they have the experience to commit to the time it takes to shoot and edit this event into a beautiful story? Do they have clients and business partners who can provide references and recommend them to me?

What are the benefits of two cameras?

By using two cameras, coverage is doubled. While the main camera covers the bridal party, the second camera captures your family and guests as they enjoy your special day. Two camera angles are also used for creative editing and visual appeal.

How will they know what I want in my finished wedding footage or photo’s?

Before your wedding date, we will schedule an appointment to review your time line and the important elements with you. You can let us know what people, special events and other content is important to you. We can also share other ideas that will enhance your wedding footage & photograph’s.

What is the timeline to receive the finished wedding footage and photos?

For a full coverage wedding and for the best possible quality, your footage will be between 1-4 hours depending on your videography package, and content and length of certain aspects like your ceremony, speeches and dancing. With our experience over the last decade in Videography & Photography, we are always in the right place at the right time and we know exactly how to capture every moment, so there is never an opportunity or shot missed, so you can be assured your final edited footage will be nearly every thing we shoot but of course professionally edited together so you can watch your amazing day unfold.

How many photographs will I receive?

Throughout your special day we will capture numerous images from morning preparations to the dancing late at night depending on your package chosen of course, but if you do decide to choose this Package which is our Platinum Package, you will receive upwards of over 400 professionally edited and colour corrected images. We would usually take close to 2000 images throughout your Wedding Day and then provide you the best images.

When should I expect the final product?

Here at Precious Memories Videography & Photography we understand that your wedding day footage and photo's are extremely important to you and you want them to be 100% and we totally agree. We like to make are nothing leaves Precious Memories Videography & Photography until we are completely happy with the final product. We also understand that it is also nice to have the final images to share with family & friends fairly soon after the big day as the excitement is still lingering and it is nice to celebrate this excitement with all these beautiful memories. On average we try to give you this experience within about about 10 -12 weeks after your wedding day, depending on the wedding package and the wedding season. We want you to absolutely love your Wedding footage, and your Wedding Photograph's and if you have tears of happiness while looking at these, we’ve done our job.

Can I help with the editing process, view, or receive the raw footage?

While we encourage your input, the editing process takes up to 40 hours and is not always simple. It is our policy to not have our clients present during post production. (Like any artist, we like you to see the perfectly finished piece for the first time and thoroughly enjoy it!)

Can I order extra copies for my families and friends?

Extra copies for friends or family can be ordered by calling or e-mailing us with the name and wedding date. Prices differ whether your are purchasing additional footage or prints etc.

How do I figure out what kind of coverage I would need and the cost?

Please have a look at our Packages page, and if you need any advice please don’t hesitate to contact us as we are here to help in any way we can.

Can I receive high definition quality?

Yes! As technology changes, we change with it. All of your footage is in High Definition.

How I reserve my date?

Please email or Call 083-302-0309 to make sure your date is available. Again, because of the extra time we devote to each wedding we limit our dates to ensure the best possible commitment to every wedding. We will arrange a meeting at our studio, over the phone or at your home, confirm a wedding package within your budget, review the booking form with you and we require a booking fee to reserve your date. We accept payment over the phone, Cheques, Bank transfer, postal order or Cash. If your wedding date is set for more than 6 months out, we can arrange monthly payments after your initial deposit.