Hiring a Photographer: More Than a Wedding

When it comes to hiring a wedding photographer, you should be looking for a lifetime photographer as well. We know how important it is to have professional photos for your engagement or wedding, but most people don't keep in contact with their photographer after their big day. We're here to tell you how you can make the most out of making that connection with your wedding photographer and turn it into something long-lasting. After your wedding, you are familiar with the photographer and you know how to communicate with them. So why not continue that relationship into the rest of your fabulous and ever-changing life?

Here are some reasons why you would want to keep in contact with your photographer.

  • Anniversary Photoshoots

These are so often overlooked as a potential way to create lasting and beautiful memories! As you begin your new adventure as a married couple, it's a wonderful idea to have a photoshoot on your anniversary. You will have these photos to look through each year and see how you've changed and grown.

  • Maternity Photoshoots

You and your partner are expecting a bundle of joy to join your growing family! One of the most exciting times in a couple's life is the moment you find out you (or your spouse) is pregnant! Maternity photoshoots are incredibly beautiful! Having professional photos of you and your pregnant belly can be one of the most treasured photographs you'll have.

  • Newborn / Baby Photoshoots

Congratulations! Your family is growing fast and your little one has arrived. You've probably seen some adorable newborn / baby photos on your social media feeds and say, "Awe, how cute!" every time. Your baby is going to grow so fast and you don't want to miss a moment. Not to mention, when they do grow up, you'll reflect on when they were so little! Professional photos of your baby can be the best way to look back on those times. When they do grow up, you can share the photos with them and tell them about their childhood and your memories with them when they are little and new to the world. These are by far our favourite photos.

  • Children Photoshoots

Whether it's for fun, a holiday, birthday, or big event, it's so important to continue capturing lovely photos of your children! We love working with kids because they are so free-spirited and they never hold back a smile! As time goes on, these will be some of your most cherished albums to have.

  • Family Photoshoots

Last but not least! The entire family photoshoot. Christmas cards are a fun and engaging way to involve your whole family in a small, but interactive, moment! Capture each year with your family and watch as time goes. Just like any other photo, it was a moment stuck in time that you can re-live.

Here at Precious Memories, we are more than just wedding photographers and videographers. We're here for you throughout the most precious moments in your life.

We offer all of the services above and more. After your wedding, we'll be there to help make your memories eternal.

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