How to Choose the RIGHT Wedding Photographer for you!

Planning a wedding can seem intimidating. Between booking your venue for your ceremony and reception, organizing and coordinating people and services, picking out a wedding dress, planning the flower arrangements, picking colour schemes, and just SO much more. You want these decisions to be easy but also find exactly what you are looking for. It's a big big day, and you don't want any last-minute surprises or hiccups in your plans.

There are things you would want to know from your photographer such as; Do they watermark their photos? Do they hand retouch them? What resolution are their cameras? Are their cameras and lenses good enough to keep a distance? Do they keep back and let the day flow naturally or try to position every photo?

One of the most important choices for your wedding is choosing the right photographer.

You're hiring a photographer to capture one of the biggest days of your life! This means you need to be able to trust them and feel comfortable communicating with them. It's important to be able to tell your photographer exactly what you want. You're not stepping on their toes by asking them to do more black and white photos or more candid photos on the big day. In fact, you're ensuring that you receive what you've been envisioning and your photographer should be all ears and provide advice and guidance through the process. We've laid out a few things to ask your photographer when you meet with them, just to help your decision making a little easier!

  1. Ask your photographer how much experience they have with photographing weddings. If your photographer has been in the industry long enough, you know they have lots of experience and are able to handle anything on the day of.

  2. Ask for their portfolio of work. Whether you receive a link to their website or a few files of their most recent photos, photographers typically showcase the best work on their website and/or social media. If you don't see anything on these platforms, ask them for a portfolio. Every photographer has a different style - choose one that suits you! Look for photos that are out of focus or skewed colouring - it may signify that they don't know how to shoot professionally or edit properly.

  3. Talk to your photographer about turn around time. Most photographers are very flexible when it comes to getting your photos edited and sent out to you. If you're purchasing or getting an album with your best photos, this can take a little more time! Some photographers can take half a year to edit your photos and deliver them. If your photographer has a 10-15 week turn around time, you've chosen right! That means they are taking their time editing each photo to be perfect. Any sooner and you wonder why it's so quick!

If you're in search of a wedding photographer and need some advice or more insight, we are always happy to help! Any questions or concerns you may have or have had, we want to be able to give you the right guidance.

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