How Will COVID-19 Affect My Wedding?

We're seeing a lot of inquiries online regarding how COVID-19 will affect weddings in Ireland (and overseas) this year and we fully understand the worry behind this. Infectious diseases are scary and as we continue to see the rise in cases in Ireland, it has couples wondering what will happen with their wedding. Disclaimer: We are not experts in the matter, but we have done some research and gathered information from various posts online.

If you're wedding is coming up and you are beginning to wonder what will happen, need not worry. There may be slight adjustments to your special day, but you can still go ahead with it!

Here are some steps you may want to take to protect yourself, family, and friends.

  1. Contact your guest list and let them know that if they are showing symptoms or feeling under the weather that they should stay home. If they are worried, let them know they can stay home.

  2. Adjust the size of your wedding. If you're having over 150 people attend, chances of contracting the virus are higher. That's a given. If you're able to adjust the size of your wedding, it may be wise to do so. We've seen some posts where churches have recommended the reduction of guests.

  3. See if any of your guests have recently traveled outside of Ireland or have attended any areas in Ireland where there is a spread. (i.e. Cork, Limerick, Dublin, Waterford, Naas) This was updated 12 hours ago:

  4. Pick a back-up day. Rescheduling may be inevitable for some and it is wise to consider your options. You may want to start looking at the calendar and choose another day that you could potentially move your wedding too.

  5. Wedding Insurance - but beware. It's never too late to purchase wedding insurance, but because COVID-19 was recently declared a Pandemic, it may not be covered if you've recently obtained the insurance. If you have wedding insurance, call them right away and discuss your options. If you don't, find a supplier and contact them to discuss your options. Either way, it's best to be on top of this. (

  6. Ask your wedding vendors and suppliers what they have planned and what measures they plan to take during the day to ensure they are being safe. Such as your caterers and food handlers, entertainment, etc. Any supplier or vendor that will be dealing with your guests and you. This will give you some extra comfort regarding the situation.

  7. Don't panic! Don't let this ruin your build-up to your wedding day. We can only imagine how heartbreaking and stressful this situation is, but it doesn't have to completely squash your euphoric happiness.

We can only recommend these precautions. It's not an easy decision to make and we are completely understanding of what is happening or what may happen. If you've booked with Precious Memories, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will be contacting couples with upcoming weddings regarding our policies and the measures we are taking.

Thank you, everyone. May you all stay in good health. We're a tough nation and we will persevere!

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