The BEST proposal Trends for 2020

"How did they ask?!" is one of the most commonly asked questions to newly engaged couples and you know you want to be able to tell a romantic, memorable, and unique story to your friends and family. The memory of your partner asking for your hand in marriage is one of the most vivid memories you'll keep for the rest of your life. It's one of the most shared stories among your friends and family. It was a moment in your life where a new adventure was about to unfold.

So, if you or your partner are thinking of asking the big question, how should they do it?!

Here are the most popular trends for proposals for 2020.

1. Hidden Proposal Photography/Videography

This trend is becoming one of the most popular ways to propose because you capture that moment in real-time. It may seem hard to hire a photographer/videographer to hide in the distance waiting to capture that moment, but photographers and videographers absolutely love this as well. You and the photographer/videographer can scope out the area beforehand and find the perfect spot to capture the photos or videos. They are trained to hide in plain sight so your partner won't even notice they are there. Not to mention, they'll be distracted by the vibes you're giving off. (BONUS: Some people only release the photos or videos on the day of the wedding as an added touch of romance! How adorable?!)

2. Destination Proposal

Going on vacation with the love of your life? Thinking that they may pop the question on the beach in southern Spain? You may be right! What is more romantic than proposing while on vacation with each other? You're in the mood for adventure and romance. You can make this destination an anniversary spot and relive the engagement over again. Bring your kids and show them where it began. There are just so many reasons why this is becoming a massive trend!

3. Scavenger Hunts / Adventure

Want to be extra creative? Add that little extra fun to the proposal? Let's talk about it! Scavenger hunts or a little adventure for your proposal can be so incredibly fun. You can send your partner on a little journey around town or to significant places (i.e. your first date, their favourite place to eat, the place you first met.) Add little clues in these spots and get them to a final destination. There you'll be, waiting. Or perhaps get some family and friends involved. At each location, you could have a different person with a new clue that they'd have to solve to get to the next clue. What's more fun than organizing such a creative and fun day out? Your partner will be so curious and delighted with the adventure and the big surprise at the end!

4. Secretive Proposal

Do you want to propose to your partner without really proposing to them? This may be the trend for you. Another rising proposal trend is all about proposing without proposing. Purchasing a pair of custom socks that say "Will you," on one sock, and "Marry me?" on the other. Maybe when you are out for dinner, replace the napkin with one that asks the question. Or the old cliche of the ring in the wine! Perhaps fridge magnets in your kitchen or in a game of scrabble you could spell it out. Maybe even a cute balloon! There are so many unique ideas for this trend that you could turn anything into a proposal!

Do you know of any other popular proposal trends that we didn't list? We'd love to hear them! Don't hesitate to share this blog with your significant other, even if it's "on accident". Have to get those gears rolling someway!

(P.S. - How cute is that flipbook?!)

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