Top 5 Reasons to Have a Selfie Mirror Photobooth at your Wedding!

Everyone loves having something a little extra at their weddings and we know just the thing!

Our Selfie Mirror Photobooth is on FIRE and in high demand. With that being said, we thought we would give you our top 5 reasons why you should have a Selfie Mirror Photobooth at your wedding. After so many weddings and events, we promise that it's a really fun feature for your big day. Keep reading to see why you NEED this new feature at your wedding.

1. Entertainment Feature

The Selfie Mirror Photobooth is a guaranteed hit. Everyone loves jumping in the frame to get in a photo with their family and friends, even strangers! It's a great way to have everyone connect and enjoy themselves.

2. Wakes Everyone Up after Dinner

There is so much food at weddings that sometimes slows the pace down afterwards. The Selfie Mirror Photobooth is a fantastic way to get everybody awake and lively. The fun props, the instant prints, and the red carpet are just so much fun that you don't want to miss out!

3. The Best Wedding Favours EVER!!!!!!!

With UNLIMITED prints for you and your guests, they can instantly take home their photos! Instead of spending hundreds on little gifts for every guest, get them in front of the Selfie Mirror Photobooth to take some wild and fun photos with everyone. The best part? You can use it as many times as you like!

4. The Guestbook Album Take Home

The newlywed couple gets a guestbook album with every photo taken with everyones signature or messages written beside the photo. You can always go back to this album to remember all the craic you had at the wedding. Memories are everything!

5. Capture Silly Moments

We're all use to the perfect posed pictures on Instagram and Social Media, but this mirror brings something out in everyone. When you're in front of that mirror, you suddenly feel relaxed and ready to take any sort of photo! Especially when you've had a little to drink and forget the countdown to the flash. We've seen some super funny photos and have had some great laughs with the guests when they get these hilarious photos.

Ready to have some added sparkle and fun to your wedding? Book your Selfie Mirror Photobooth with us today! Visit our Selfie Mirror page for more details!

See you soon!

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