Wedding Videography Is A MUST Have And Here's Why!

Take a couple of minutes and watch one of our most recent highlights video. Afterward, let us tell you our top reasons why adding a videographer to your wedding vendors is a must! Videos are real-time and bring new elements to reliving your memories.

We talk weddings every day, all day with couples across Ireland and over a decade of wedding talk, we've learned what couples are looking for, know they want, what they don't want, and what they are undecided about. One thing is for certain though, couples who opt-in to get a wedding video are incredibly happy with their choice. Even though they may feel uncertain at first, we show them sample videos of real weddings and explain these reasons why having a wedding video is so important.

1. Movement, real-life actions.

Fluidity and movements mixed with the emotions on your guests, family, and friends' faces are a treasure to have. You can capture certain moments with photos, but a video captures the moments in between those other moments along. A video will show you the laughing faces, the happy crying faces, the emotions in the eyes, and the other moments behind the scenes. Like when you're Bridesmaid is making a speech and you see Uncle John making an 'I'm not sleeping, I'm resting my eyes' face. The quirks of your loved ones! Not to mention, the way the bride looks in a beautiful flowy dress moving around like a Goddess!

2. Audio Enhancement

Along with the movement of the video, it encapsulates the entire reality of your wedding day. The voices, the emotions, hearing your vows, the echoing laughter through the church or reception. When you mix the movement with the audio it becomes a sensory wonderland of memories right in your living room. You can listen to your vows anytime you want.

3. Cinematic Elements - Your Own Film!

Here at Precious Memories, we use a cinematic style to capture weddings for the highlights reel. This means we use slow, steady movements. Creating a movie-like sequence. It goes perfectly with the music (of your choice) and these style videos are like your own mini-film. Perfect for sharing with family and friends.

4. Not A Moment Missed

During photos, you can capture some very precious moments and feel the emotions come through the photo. However, with video, it captures the scene in real-time. Your video may capture some background moments that you wouldn't be able to see in photos! Those unseen moments hide in the background of the main focus in the shot. Each time you re-watch your video, you'll pick up on these moments and it makes the film that much more exciting to watch.

5. Professional Quality Lasts a Lifetime

You could have your friends capture some video clips on their phones, but we promise the quality won't be great and they may miss some crucial moments throughout your wedding. Hiring a professional videographer is a guarantee that each moment is captured and the quality will be outstanding. You can have your video delivered online, via USB, or on DVDs. These methods of delivery will last a lifetime and the quality will never diminish. From the sharp audio and pristine colours and style, you would never regret hiring a professional for the job.

You can view more of our videos here:

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