What a Wedding Photographer Really Thinks About Weddings...

Being a photographer requires a certain amount of passion and ambition. It needs a certain recipe for success and love, which can be hard for some photographers to obtain and keep. Most photographers are born with the creative eye and just love taking photographs, but it takes a specific breed of a photographer to dive into the world of professional photography, let alone wedding photography.

Wedding photography became popular in the early 1840s. It was the idea of creating lasting memories that made it such a raging success. Since there was a lack of equipment (portable equipment, especially) these staged wedding photos mainly took place in studios. Imagine now, we can shoot photography anywhere and anytime with the availability of technology! It would be nuts to have to bring everyone into a studio to capture a family shot! Thankfully, we have invested in high-quality equipment which allows us to be mobile. (Click the photo below to see more old wedding photos!)

Wedding photography is very specific and extremely time-sensitive. When you're in a studio, you can retake a photo as many times as needed to get that right shot. During a wedding, you only have so much time to work with! Therefore, you have to be a quick thinker, creative, and willing to do almost anything to get those incredible shots on the fly. Imagine back in the 1840s, you would sit down on a chair and wait about 30-60 seconds for your photo to be taken. Hence why not many people smiled! We've gone from those old-style photos to this:

The difference is truly amazing! We have been so fortunate to dabble into this fantastical world of weddings and draw inspiration from each wedding we shoot. For every wedding is unique and has something different and special about them, we remember those moments and bring them into the next wedding. As a wedding photographer, you really need to prepare yourself for the day ahead because anything can happen. The ability to react quickly, communicate efficiently, and remain calm and collected at all times is crucial for delivering the best photos and videos to the couples.

So what do wedding photographers really think about weddings? We love them. We love them almost more than you do. You have to love weddings to be able to shoot them. So as you plan for your big day ahead, keep in mind that your photographer is filled with passion and fire for what they are doing. They wouldn't be there if they weren't. Check out our portfolio here and you can see the love put into each photo!

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