What is a "Love" Photoshoot and Why You Must Have One Before Your Wedding!

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

You're probably wondering what a "Love" photoshoot is and you came to the right place. A "Love" photoshoot is just another term for an engagement photoshoot.


This up and coming trend is beginning to take hold in Ireland and couples are realizing just how valuable and sweet it is to have. You can use your engagement photo as a guest signing feature for your wedding day, you can look back on the photos to remember how it was before the big wedding.

Think of it like this: You and your partner are about to embark on a beautiful journey of marriage together and right after you become engaged, you're both glowing and radiating with excitement. Becoming engaged can be almost more memorable than your wedding itself, and you want to hold onto those memories and feelings as long as possible. People will always ask, "How'd you pop the question?" before, "What did you do for your wedding?"

We offer engagement photoshoots and the couples that do book our service are incredibly happy they did. There are so many benefits to these photoshoots and you should reap them while you can! Here are a few reasons why you should hop on this bandwagon.

  1. You and your partner get to dress up and go out for a day that's all about you!

  2. You get to meet your photographer and see how you communicate with them before the wedding day. (If you use the same photographer, which is recommended as a test run!)

  3. You can practice poses and see what you like before your wedding day!

  4. It's a great way to get more excited about the wedding.

  5. Share the photos with friends and family and share the excitement.

  6. Use your favourite photo for your invitations!

  7. Use your favourite photo as a signing mount for the wedding day! These are a lovely feature for the guest sign-in area.

As Valentine's day approaches, we're offering a FREE engagement photoshoot when you book any of our photography or videography collections!


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