What makes Precious Memories different than other wedding photographers and videographers?

As you're browsing through so many photographers and videographers, deciding who to hire for your wedding day, we thought we would shed some light as to why Precious Memories is different than other wedding photographers and videographers.

To help you with your choice, here are some reasons why Precious Memories is the right choice for you.

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1. We don't have a specific style. We form our style based on each couple's individual aesthetic. When we talk with our couples about what they are looking for, we are sure to ask them what kind of style they dream of. Whether it's black and white, vivid colour, a vintage feel, candid or posed photos, or cinematic. Precious Memories want to ensure that your voice is heard and we produce the exact style you've been dreaming up as you plan your wedding.

2. Our customer service is at the next level. We are always striving to give our couples the best experience by going above and beyond. It is so important for you to be able to communicate all your thoughts and ideas with your photographer and videographer and we are very receptive to anything our couples have to say. We're available at any time to discuss anything. Just give us a call and we'll be there to help!

3. Did we mention we're budget-friendly? We understand the highs and lows of budgeting and deligating money when planning such a big event. We try to make the process of booking your photographer and/or videographer as easy and friendly as possible with our flexible payment plans and affordable deposits. Of course, every couple has different needs and we want to cater to you!

4. Caring for our couples is most important to us! On the day of, we want you to feel comfortable, secure and worry-free. We provide so much care to our couples and want to help you feel at ease on such a big day. We're excellent at people and time management and we know time is limited. We want you to be able to get back to your guests as soon as possible but still, get those beautiful photos and videos you hired us to get! We can guarantee every couple that we remain non-intrusive and won't take up all your time getting your perfect photos or videos taken.

Now you know what makes Precious Memories stand out from the bunch!

We can't wait to meet you.

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