Why Not Having a Videographer Is The Biggest Regret Of Most Couples After Their Wedding.

Your wedding day is approaching fast and you're going through your checklist to ensure you've gotten everything, almost everything, set and ready. Deposits are paid, venues are booked, the band is reserved, your photographer is confirmed, and suddenly your friend asks, "Are you getting a videographer for your wedding?". 😦

You'd be surprised how many couples don't think about a videographer or decide it's not for them and end up regretting their decision. Photography is a given, but videography is relatively new for the wedding industry. With over 12 years of experience in this industry, we've come to learn just how important videography has become for couples who are about to get married.

We want to share with you some of the benefits of having a videographer for your wedding!

  1. You have a minute by minute visual of your most memorable and happy day. It's an audio and visual diary of your Wedding.

  2. It becomes a family treasure. You can pass the video along to your children (who may have been a kid at your wedding or not yet born).

  3. You can share your video with family and friends who couldn't be there.

  4. A video is like a virtual time capsule. As time goes on, you can relive these moments as if you were there again. You can see those who are no longer with you,

  5. Every anniversary, watching your video could become a tradition. Share the laughs and tears with each other all over again.

  6. It's literally like being the star of your own feature film! All of our collections offer cinematic style video. (Cinematography adds certain camera movements that are swift and flow. From slow motion to an elegant glide.) The cinematic style adds that extra romantic film feel.

Photography is absolutely amazing and it's a way to capture those still and beautiful moments. Videography adds other elements. You have the sounds of the day, the movement of the people, the candid moments between family and friends, and feelings invoked through your senses. Who wouldn't want the first dance between a husband and wife to enjoy time and time again? That lovely and intimate moment to your song. You're probably wondering why couples don't choose to go with videography...

Why couples may opt not to have a videographer...

  1. They feel it would be intrusive. However, our cameras at Precious Memories are such high quality that we can be quite far away from you and still capture every beautiful moment like we are right beside you.

  2. Some couples feel that photos are enough to document their day. And whilst photos are a great addition and give a fantastic rendition of your day, videography activates more senses through motion and sounds that you wouldn't capture with a photo.

  3. The cost of a video may seem like it would be very expensive and with so many things a couple has to pay for during their wedding planning, a video may seem unessential to their budget. Most of our couples, after their wedding, tell us that their wedding video is the most precious part of their wedding day (apart from their significant other). Precious Memories has affordable and quality videography collections priced for any budget.

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